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The BSBL Broking Division has an opulent tradition of trust and performance stemming from the philosophy of providing value added broking services. As a Trading Cum Clearing Member of the NSE, the organization provides full Trading and Clearing services to its clients in keeping with the philosophy of providing counseling based broking services. The Broking division has extended its services beyond the standard broking practices by helping and managing decisions for its Investor clients; a service that has created unrivaled benchmarks in the industry.

The BSBL Broking Division has developed into a true synthesis of tradition, with over ten years of valuable experience in broking since the division's inception in 1995. Furthermore, the BSBL Broking Division has moved out of Mumbai to service investors in other parts of the country, with offices already established in Ahmedabad and Chennai. The objective of this enterprise is to provide the same superior personalized services to the people of these areas.

The Broking division currently has a very strong client base comprising of :

High Net Worth Individuals



Mutual Funds

Foreign Institutional Investors


Insurance Companies

Financial Institutions

We believe in fast, efficient, quality-based service with immediate execution and the timely pay-in / pay-out of deliveries and funds, resulting in substantial cost savings for our customers. Our processes have been developed so as to maximize customer benefits with personalized services such as:

Daily Updates

Immediate Confirmation of Trades

Personalized Counseling for Investment / Dis-investment

The Dealing Desk at BSBL comprises highly qualified and trained professionals with necessary certifications from the NCFM Dealers and Derivatives exam, coupled with years of experience in broking. Furthermore, the desk is organized to work in co-ordination with the Research division.



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