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The Research division is the cornerstone of the organization, functioning as a ubiquitous knowledge bank that provides the basis of sound investment strategies through a systematic analysis of the economy. The wing commenced operations as an autonomous division in 2001.

The Research division functions on two levels; firstly, as a touchstone providing invaluable decision enabling inputs to other divisions within Betala Stock Broking, and secondly, issuing benchmark research publications that have become opinion drivers in the world of investment. Owing to the division's unique systematic approach and methodology, the reports and findings are given the highest regard in the industry as opinion drivers.

Our Philosophy

The crux of the BSBL philosophy is that capital can be built over the long-term. We believe in a thorough research based investment strategy based on a comprehensive study of the economy. This basically means we undergo no speculation when we cannot afford it and no speculation when we are in a strong position and can afford to. Our endeavor is to find businesses that generate consistent returns on equity and are available at some discount to its VALUE.

Management drive is of utmost importance
Cash Generation is as important as net profits for expansion
Invest in Value Stocks / Concept Stocks / Sunrise Industries
Benchmarking of company selected for investment on Global Scale
Belief in fundamentals rather than pure technicals
Operate against the market
Consider Investor-Friendly companies
Close Monitoring of investments
Safety of Capital to be # 1 priority
Comprising highly trained and experienced analysts, the Research team works dedicatedly to perform the challenging job of stock picking after careful analysis of the desk and field research. The research encompasses a complete inquiry of a Sector wise analysis of the Economy on a National as well as a Global level. The base research content, analysis and findings are collated and then productized so as to communicate the results effectively and enable customers to take informed and timely decision regarding wealth creation.


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